ROV Panther Plus 920/922

Work Class III ROV,  The Panther Plus ROV is a light weight workclass ROV providing greater power, payload an interface options as a standard ROV. Equiped with 10 thrusters, dual manipulators, tritech bathy and super seaking sonar.

Principal dimensions:

  • Weight       500kg
  • Max payload   105kg
  • Size (LxWxH) 1.75x1.06x1.22m
  • Max depth     1000m
  • Max tether excursion 200m


  • Hydraulic wire cutter (up to 1” steel wire)
  • Transponder / Responder
  • Pipe tracker equipment
  • Cable tracker equipment
  • Flooded Member Detection (F.M.D.) equipment
  • Cathodic Protection (C.P.) probes
  • Camera booms
  • Complete survey spread (multibeam, profiler, gyro, etc)


  • 20ft Control Container
  • 20ft Workshop Container
  • 20ft Containerized Launch and Recovery System (LARS)


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