Inspection of cables and pipelines

Annual pipeline and cable inspection campaigns represent a major part of our business.

The delivery of a 24 hours field report, live monitoring onboard and the ability to proceed with maintenance intervention activities is part of our unique all-in-one service.

These campaigns are performed with ROTV mounted sidescan sonar and multibeam echo sounder, combined with ROV for visual inspection, seabed profiling and Cathodic Protection measurements.

For a pipeline inspection as part of a maintenance program, our objective is to deliver an up-to-date mapping of the area around the pipeline. New debris, depth of burial and changes to the position of the pipeline can be identified. An extensive concise report can be delivered within 24 hours by print or by digital GIS. Also onboard, we have the ability to proceed with direct maintenance intervention activities which can be monitored live.

Standard Equipment:

  • Side scan sonar
  • Multibeam Echosounder
  • Pipe or cable tracker
N-Sea performs visual and acoustic pipeline inspections
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