Renewable assets

We assist in inspection and installation services for offshore wind farms and tidal energy installations.
  •  pre and post lay inspection by ROV
  • de-burial by high mass flow excavation equipment (Quad-prop and Twin-prop)
  • UXO identification, clearance and removal (ROV and divers)
  • video inspection
  • leak detection
  • marine growth measurement
  • weld inspection
  • CP Readings
  • UT Readings
  • MPI Readings
  • ACFM
  • well head monitoring
  • cathodic protection
  • magnetic particle
  • alternate current frequency
  • flooded member detection (FMD)



We understand the specific challenges that are involved in offshore operations. N-Sea has the availability of an expert team of specialist 3.4 certified divers who can work in confined spaces, professional surveyors and the knowledge and expertise of N-Sea's Data Centre to complete the inspection programme.


Reporting services

Our Data Centre provides information that can be used during commercial and operational phases of a project to provide data regarding the circumstances around those assets that require inspection. Our professional team will provide a concise, accurate report and a tailor-made solution which enables you to make a safe decision about your renewables. The Data Centre provides GIS services and can produce GIS deliverables.

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