Nearshore services

We offer a wide variety of inshore civil engineering and diving services to assist in any underwater specialty: from inspection, maintenance and repair projects to installation, civil construction and salvage work scopes.

We support clients active in the dredging and renewables industries, ports, harbours and various other government and commercial projects.

N-Sea has a solid and trusted reputation for handling complex civil engineering projects.

We safely manage underwater projects, offering our clients safe, effective and cost-efficient solutions for:

  • port development and maintenance
  • inspection, maintenance and repair projects for subsea structures
  • installation and construction projects for civil constructions as bridges, tunnels and locks
  • design and engineering of underwater solutions
  • cleaning methods

We offer a complete package of subsea diving, survey and ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) services. 


Techniques and equipment:

  • underwater welding, burning and cutting
  • underwater injection techniques
  • suitable underwater concrete shuttering
  • underwater concrete pouring technology and fastening techniques (metal to concrete)
  • cleaning methods for cleaning surfaces
  • hyperbaric caisson works (overpressure works) and habitat works
  • audiovisual inspections, reporting and repair advice
  • 4-point anchor craft vessels.
We have been involved in one of Europe's major civil infrastructures: the Delta Plan of the Netherlands
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