Maintenance and repair

We assess the state of the subsea structures (oil and gas platforms, pipelines, cables, wind farms, etc) inspection campaigns.

Based on the acquired results and our client's needs we will advise you on the optimal repair methodology which will be followed by the provision of the required maintenance and repair services which are often part of an IRM work scope.


We deliver maintenance plans that are in accordance with the classification society and the result of the project execution will have a minimum impact upon your production. Upon request, a diving team and a ROV spread can be mobilised swiftly for general or damage-specific underwater inspection.


Different repair methodologies may include:

  • wet welding
  • use of a habitat and cofferdam
  • grouted, mechanical and tecmar clamps
  • specialist engineering solutions
  • cable repair
  • subsea composite repair
  • pipeline repairs/stabilisation
  • anode repairs/retrofit
  • riser and midwater arch repairs

N-Sea apply an integrated approach to project execution, which allows us to handle project management, procurement, design and engineering. We take care of it all reducing the client’s workload. The end result: safe and efficient delivery you can trust.


N-Sea applies an integrated approach to project execution. The end result: Delivery you can trust.
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