Excavation/stabilisation services

N-Sea provides subsea mass flow excavation (MFE) services, ensuring non-intrusive, controllable and safe operations for operators and clients subsea assets.

We utilise our Twin and Quad-prop excavation systems to perform MFE services. 

We provide:

  • project preparation
  • mobilisation and calibration
  • pre-survey
  • excavating/deepening and MFE control
  • post survey and reporting


  • high level of safety for sensitive subsea structures, pipelines and cables due to the non-intrusive system
  • rapid deployment and quick mobilisation time
  • live monitoring during operations
  • precise depth establishment and accurate data by using multibeam.

Subsea excavation services include:

  • pipeline and cable trenching - pre/post lay
  • seabed preparation and levelling
  • de-burial of pipelines and cables for Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM)
  • sand wave levelling
  • free span correction
  • excavation for decommissioning and salvage operations
  • rock dump removal
  • drill cuttings removal
  • wind turbine cable entry preparation
  • civil work and harbour clearance.


  • Quad-prop
  • Twin-pop


non-intrusive, controllable and safe operations
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