Hydrographic and geophysical survey

We offer a full range of hydrographic and geophysical survey capabilities.

Our service include:

  • route survey 
  • analogue and digital site survey
  • pre-installation survey
  • unexploded ordinance detection - UXO survey
  • visual and acoustic pipeline and cable inspection
  • platform and turbine inspection

Hydrographic and geophysical equipment:
Our surveys and assessments of the seabed and shallow geology are performed using vessel-mounted equipment and by deploying ROVs, ROTV or towed fish.


  • MBES bathymetry
  • sub-bottom profiling
  • sidescan sonar surveys
  • magnetometer surveys

Data Centre
N-Sea's Data Centre provides processing, analysis and reporting services which enable you to make safe decisions about your subsea assets. Our professional team will provide a concise accurate report and a tailor-made solution.

Data Centre Services:

  • data processing and analysis
  • cartography
  • report writing
  • geophysical interpretation
  • tailor-made GIS services

N-Sea's Data Centre provides information in both analogue and digital format that can be used during commercial and operational phases of a project. That data is then used to provide information about the circumstances around assets that need to be inspected.. The GIS database stores inspection results.

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