01 June


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Scope of work

Charter of DSV ‘Siem N-Sea’ for the provision of vessel & daughter craft based nitrox diving services and inspection ROV.

N-Sea was contracted by Maersk Oil North Sea UK, to provide diving services on the “Janice Alpha” FPU and to conduct the class Inspection Dive Scope 2014.  The scope of the Inspection Programme was to ensure the continuing structural integrity of the hull structural items and included Lloyds classification Inspections, rigid riser inspections, cleaning and inspection of sea chests and ROV inspection for leaks on various wellheads and conductors.


  • Late award of contract
  • Challenged to improve upon delivery in terms of efficiency and cost against previous years campaigns
  • The aim of an incident free operation


  • In a 13 day turnaround from the contract being signed, N-Sea assembled onshore and offshore project teams, aligned vessel schedules, produced all project documentation and commenced mobilisation of the DSV, vessel based dive system, daughter craft dive system and WROV. The DSV arrived in field to begin works on the 8th April.
  • We assembled dedicated offshore project teams who all had past experience of working for N-Sea on the systems and assets assigned to the project with a number of them having worked for Maersk Oil on previous inspection campaigns.
  • N-Sea's Safety Observation Card System (SOC) was used to good effect throughout the campaign with daily meetings, conference calls and weekly safety meetings all structured so as to ensure that minds were always focused first and foremost on delivering an incident free operation.


N-Sea completed the full class inspection workscope plus additional diver cleaning, diver inspection and ROV survey scopes without accident or incident.

In total there were 363 LTI free dives in a campaign that was deemed to be a huge success on all fronts.

All works were completed on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders with the many interfaces on the DSV (Siem N-Sea), Janice Alpha and onshore working seamlessly to ensure that the project was incident free with safety being the main focus at all times.

This efficiency and safe delivery allowed the Janice Alpha operations to continue un-hindered with minimal interruption.

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