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Achieving the highest safety standards.

Our SHEQ Policy aims to ensure alignment to the N-Sea mission, vision and strategy, where ‘first time right’ means ensuring that harm is not inflicted upon its employees, contractors, service providers, or the environment, N-Sea’s assets, as well as members of the public affected by its operations, infrastructure and all operational activities within our scope of work.

N-Sea management and all employees are committed to create a physical, social and psychological safe working environment. We ensure the well-being and protection of human life, environmental duty of care, protection of assets and customer satisfaction.

N-Sea has integrated safety, security, health, environment and quality requirements into all our activities so that decisions made ensure the consideration of economic development, environmental quality, and social equity to continually improve performance and achieve stakeholder requirements.

“We genuinely care. We avoid harm to people and the environment while providing quality services to our customers.”

To achieve our mission statement, we have established 4 core values that guides all employees in building their personal roles and developing our organisational culture.

We are driven to perform in accordance with the industry best practices and meet the requirements of ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and ISO 45001 (Occupational Health & Safety Management) for which we are certified.

A safe working environment is vitally important to N-Sea. The safety awareness and actions of our employees play a crucial role in ensuring occupational, social and psychological safety within our organisational culture. This is reflected by our Level 3 Safety Culture Ladder certification.

Our Values





The Safety Culture Ladder

The Safety Culture Ladder recognises five steps. The ladder steps indicate the level of development in which a company operates in the field of safety awareness.

5. Progressive

Safety has been fully integrated into all business processes.

Safety has great priority and is continually improved.

Safety rules are considered important.

Any change in behaviour is ad-hoc and temporary.

‘Ignorance is bliss’


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