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N-Sea’s in-house data centre provided expertise in forefront technologies, in order to support company solutions and safeguard client needs in the most efficient way possible.

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N-Sea’s Data Centre facility is based at the company’s head office in the Netherlands; its focus is to manage survey data & information and support all aspects of the company’s business lines using the latest technology. Support is provided for projects throughout their life cycle (initiation, planning,  execution & completion).

In this way, the Data Centre is involved in aspects such as project planning & procedure review, real-time technical support to field teams, in-house data processing & reporting, through to final deliverables and project completion.

Remote Data Management
By integrating remote processing, we engage clients transparently and early on, ensuring seamless collaboration from data acquisition to final processing. This approach not
only breaks down traditional barriers between offshore and onshore processing but also accelerates the overall timeline for processing and reporting.

This will allow the various stakeholders (surveyors, geophysicists, engineers, management) to discuss the data and allow early decisions.

With the acquired data streamed to the office for QA and processing, it offers clients the opportunity to access the raw and processed data from any location.

From an environmental perspective (emission footprint) this change has a very positive impact as it reduces the number of port calls, people working offshore and contributes to a safer and more sustainable industry (less traveling etc).

Why N-Sea?
N-Sea is involved in project success from the start. By the varied nature of the work undertaken by the N-Sea Data Centre, delivery requirements and processing turnaround times will vary for each project. N-Sea utilise experienced and committed professionals to process and manage data, to meet client requirements for data delivery, both in quality & timing.

Within the N-Sea Data Centre, in-house roles consist of data processors, geophysicists, cartographers, GIS specialists and reports writers; personnel in these roles operate effectively & efficiently as a team to meet client requirements. N-Sea’s data acquisition, management and reporting procedures are all in line with the company’s ISO9001 accredited quality assurance framework to deliver the highest quality data possible, with results that are clear and repeatable.

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