IRM & Light Construction

We offer total subsea shallow water solutions.

N-Sea specialises in subsea IRM, construction and decommissioning solutions. With a large client base with offshore contractors, oil & gas and renewable operators.

How can we support you?

Working below the surface creates different challenges. N-Sea has an extensive track record in providing a wide range of subsea solutions. With our inhouse project management and engineering expertise on UXO, survey, diving, ROV, cable lay/repair including liftings operations together with our available vessels and resources we are confident to able to provide you a tailored one-stop shop solution which will bring significant advantages in terms of cost efficiencies but keeping the same level of safety and technical robustness.

N-Sea offers a wide range of subsea solutions:

• Subsea inspection
• Repairs and replacements
• Maintenance
• Installation of new infrastructure
• Decommissioning of infrastructure

In combination with our survey product line N-Sea is involved throughout the full lifecycle of the infrastructure.

Why N-Sea?

• Offering full one-stop shop solution including specialised third party services as and when required.
• Comprehensive proven track record.
• Local knowledge and contracting with offices in The Netherlands, UK, Poland and UAE.
• Strategic long term partnerships with selected reputable service providers.
• Strong synergies between the product lines Survey, UXO and IRM, (Light) Construction and Decommissioning.
• Striving for innovative and competitive solutions: continually strive to adopt new techniques and adapt our solutions to keep us at the forefront of innovation and keep us competitive as we grow our business.
• Our flat organisation structure allows us to tailor solutions for our clients on a fast track basis is required.

Want to learn more? Please contact one of our representatives:

• Sander Korte, s.korte@n-sea.com, +31 (0)6 1500 8944
• Michael Zimmerman, m.zimmerman@n-sea.com, +31 (0)6 3511 3061


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