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N-Sea enables development of new offshore energy infrastructure and enables lifetime extension utilising sustainable and innovative survey solutions.

How can we support you?
N-Sea acquires data that is essential for subsea energy developers and asset owners to optimise the design and productivity of their offshore infrastructure, whether it is new developments, lifetime
extension or decommissioning. We understand that in many instances frequent inspection and monitoring prevents ad-hoc maintenance and expands the lifetime of subsea assets.

With N-Sea’s fleet of dedicated survey vessels, equipment, techniques and people, we can deliver a tailored and fit-for-purpose solution to our clients. Our solutions allow offshore data acquisition, onshore processing, and reporting in a fast and reliable manner from offshore to coast, from deep to shallow and during all phases of a project: Solution driven, tailored, reliable, innovative, At N-Sea, we understand that the offshore element is just a fraction of the project. The timely delivery of a clear and concise report is the key deliverable.

How do we fulfil our mission? We make a clear contribution to a safer, better and cleaner world.

Our survey capabilities include:
• Analogue geophysical survey
• 2D(U)HR and 3DUHR
• Pipeline and cable inspections
• Pipeline and cable depth of burial survey
• UXO surveys in co-operation with UXOcontrol
• Environmental survey
• Geotechnical survey
• ROV & ROTV survey
• Data management (processing, analysing, integrating and reporting)

Why N-Sea?
• Regional experience in the Baltic, Irish Sea and the North sea.
• Execution in line with high safety standards both offshore and nearshore.
• In-house engineering, procurement, and project management.
• Strategic partnerships to strengthen our integrated survey delivery.
• Data management to transform massive data into smart data .
• Expertise and proven track record of over 15 years.
• Flexibility due to a versatile pre mobilised fleet.
• Remote solutions and unmanned solutions to minimise travelling of vessels and personnel, contributing to sustainable solutions.
• On-time delivery.

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