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UXO ID & Disposal

Global developers of offshore energy infrastructure projects are often faced with the unanticipated challenge of UXO in their proposed projects - a substantial risk legacy of wars and years of munition dumping on the seabed.

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Developed in-house by N-Sea, MagSense is a vertical gradiometer array specifically designed for highly accurate Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) campaigns. The unique system has been designed to collect and record high resolution data in magnetically noisy subsea environments and hostile conditions, delivering unprecedented accuracy, greater efficiency, and enhanced safety in the detection of UXO.

 “We have created the most cost-efficient practice for the industry-wide management of unexploded ordnance (uxo) detection, identification, clearance and removal.”

Survey, identification and removal of UXO objects
UXO management is defined as three distinct activities:
• geophysical survey to identify non-UXO and potential UXO objects
• visual inspection to positively identify non-UXO or actual UXO objects
• disposal as required of both non-UXO and actual UXO objects

We conduct target investigation and clearance of historic Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), utilising environmentally safe practices, with dedicated surface platforms using our underwater EOD Tool-set. Disposal and removal techniques follow industry best-practice, whilst routinely applying ALARP
risk-managed principles. Our nearshore and offshore credentials are first-class, and we maintain explosive licensing and permits through Dutch, German, UK and Polish legal frameworks.

Why N-Sea?
N-Sea assures safety in managing UXO hazards. By combining geophysical survey activities with intervention activities, UXO detection and removal competencies within one company, N-Sea is proven to provide a powerful solution for customers faced with issues relating to the clearing of cable corridors for future windfarms and subsea installations.

N-Sea assures safety during UXO operations through:
• Quality assured preparation, planning and service delivery
• Underwater Explosive Ordnance certification, competence and experience
• End-to-end resourcing of our own vessels and equipment

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