July 4, 2023


The TUP Diving System® is a compact closed bell diving system, designed and built by N-Sea. The Diving System is mobile and modular that can be mobilised onto a DPII support vessel, 4Point Moored Barge, Rig or Fixed Platform and can work both over the side as well as through moonpools.

It is certified and operates in accordance with International Maritime Contractors Association guidelines and codes of practice for offshore diving operations.

The Diving System consists of a main body, housing the Triple Lock Decompression Chamber, the LARS A-frame for the 3-man Closed Diving Bell as well as the Bell Umbilical and Clump Winches.

Auxiliary containerised units house the Dive Control (fit for Air and Nitrox), HP, and LP Compressors and supporting machinery and a dedicated Nitrox Generator reducing the need for quads on deck.

Using an enriched air nitrox mixture (N2-02), will allow longer duration in-water working time at greater depths compared with air diving techniques.

The benefits of the TUP Diving System® in a nutshell:
SAFE: No surface decompression interval and protected transfer through the splash zone.
SOUND: An enhanced proven solution that increases workable bottom time.



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