N-Sea enables development of new offshore energy infrastructure and enables lifetime extension utilising sustainable and innovative survey solutions. How can we support you? N-Sea acquires data that is essential for subsea energy developers and asset owners to optimise the design and productivity of their offshore infrastructure, whether it is new developments, lifetime extension or decommissioning. […]

IRM & Construction

N-Sea specialises in subsea IRM, construction and decommissioning solutions. With a large client base with offshore contractors, oil & gas and renewable operators. How can we support you?Working below the surface creates different challenges. N-Sea has an extensive track record in providing a wide range of subsea solutions. With our inhouse project management and engineering […]

Subsea Cable Repair & Installation

N-Sea delivers complete and fully integrated subsea cable solutions for each phase of the client’s asset life cycle covering design, construction, operations, and decommissioning. How can we support you?Our dedicated team of experienced professionals brings together a wide range of engineering competences with solid project management and in-house support functions. We take care of your […]

UXO ID & Disposal

Global developers of offshore energy infrastructure projects are often faced with the unanticipated challenge of UXO in their proposed projects – a substantial risk legacy of wars and years of munition dumping on the seabed. How can we support you?Developed in-house by N-Sea, MagSense is a vertical gradiometer array specifically designed for highly accurate Unexploded […]

Data Management

N-Sea’s in-house data centre provided expertise in forefront technologies, in order to support company solutions and safeguard client needs in the most efficient way possible. Want to learn more? How can we support you?N-Sea’s Data Centre facility is based at the company’s head office in the Netherlands; its focus is to manage survey data & […]

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